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'EasyJust' Table Base
EasyJust Table Base
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Unstable cafe table bases in outdoor areas where the ground is uneven are a universal problem in the hospitality industry.

Cafe table bases with the adjuster on the end of one leg are subject to impact damage from feet and chairs. The result is, the adjuster on the cafe table base is usually broken.Having to get down on the ground and try to adjust the table legs, usually to find the adjustable screw is either broken or seized. And don’t forget the hygiene aspect. With the table legs so close to the ground and constantly coming into contact with dirt, dust and customers feet.In contrast, EASYJUST’s new and unique cafe table base design allows staff or customers to adjust the base of the table easily. No bending over and no chance of the adjustable leg being broken as the EASYJUST adjustable mechanism is fully enclosed.It’s a simple, fast and no fuss operation for staff to adjust the table bases from the standing position when the tables are set up first thing in the morning or any time during the day.